Putting Drivers Back on the Road.

A little bit about us

The originator, Peter, formerly from Greece, came here in 1968 to start the business. He worked in Germany at the Volkswagen factory for 12 years before he came to Canada. Two years later his son Mike followed from Greece to Toronto. The two of them worked side by side for almost thirty years and since then Mike has taken over while Peter is relaxing either here or in Greece (Ah-ha! That is why a guy named Mike is running “Peter’s” VW Service!).

Whenever we service an old beetle Peter is always right there to be the first one to work on them, a love of those old cars never dies!

We also have Frank who has been working with us for over 25 years. Hung has been in automotive business for 30 years and is our electronic and A/C specialist. We also have a couple other mechanics that have been with us since the 80′s. Next in line is Mike’s son Peter, who has been working and learning the trade for a few years now, and maybe one day will take over which will be the third generation of Peter’s VW… and then Mike can spend more time fishing! :)

And of course, Mike’s wife, Lesli, is there taking care of the office duties and completes this family business.

And as of 2012,  we would like to welcome Chadi to the family… Chadi is the new owner of Peter’s Vw Service. Mike is doing more fishing! And the rest of the family is still here!!!